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What is Escitalopram used for?

Escitalopram is an antidepressant that is predominantly used for treating depression. It also relieves anxiety. An active component of Lexapro is called escitalopram. This compound affects brain chemical reactions that involve substances responsible for our mood. As a result, a persons keeps calm and feels comfortable.

Escitalopram is indicated for adults who suffer from anxiety. The medicine is also used for treating major depressive disorder in both grown-ups and teenagers over 12 years old. Escitalopram is contraindicated for children under 12.

What are pill weights and types of packages?

There are different weights of Escitalopram pills available in our online pharmacy – 5, 10 and 20 mg. Packages may contain a different number of pills from 30 to 360. You can use Escitalopram with any number of tablets depending on the duration of your course of treatment.

How Should I Use Escitalopram?
Escitalopram is a medicine that should be taken strictly according to the doctor’s prescription or instructions on the label. In either way before you use Escitalopram you should pay visit to your doctor in order to discuss vitally important aspects of Escitalopram usage including the schedule and the dosage. To safely use Escitalopram with no rx don’t change your dose on your own without referring to your doctor for advice. It is he who can adjust your dose if you need better results.

Here are some common dosage recommendations for you to familiarize with before you use Escitalopram.

It is recommended that adolescents take 10 mg Escitalopram every day. The dosage increase up to 20 mg should happen after 3 weeks as a minimum.

The same scheme can apply to adults. But the dose increase can happen after 1 week.
Escitalopram is one of the best medicines for depression. But its real effect may occur after about 4 weeks since your first dose. This fact shouldn’t trouble you. Just keep on treating with Escitalopram in accordance with your doctor’s advice and label directions. If your symptoms still remain the same, consult with your doctor.

It is important not to give up treatment all of a sudden. Or else, you may experience withdrawal symptoms.

What Should I Pay Attention To Before My First Dose?

Your doctor’s prescription or directions on the label are your only guidance you should trust. The recommended starting dose is 10 mg.

Before you use Escitalopram make sure you don’t have an allergy to escitalopram or any other Escitalopram component. In order to avoid dangerous drug interactions don’t take pimozide concurrently with Escitalopram. The same applies to methylene blue injection.

Take Escitalopram 2 weeks after you’ve finished taking MAO inhibitors such as rasagiline, phenelzine, linezolid, selegiline, isocarboxazid and tranylcypromine. As soon as you finish your course of treatment with Escitalopram don’t start taking MAOI at once – you should also wait 2 weeks at least. This is mandatory because of possible drug interactions that may imperil your health.

Before you use Escitalopram it is recommended that you are examined by your doctor. Your doctor will tell you whether you can take Escitalopram or not based on the list of the following illnesses and conditions you have:
problems with liver or kidneys;
heart problems;
epilepsy (seizures);
manic depression;
obsessive suicidal thoughts.

Some adolescents have been reported to have suicidal thoughts after their first Escitalopram dose. You should regularly have your health checked by your doctor during your course of treatment. Your family or friends, if possible, should monitor your mood and state of mind.

What If I Have Missed the Dose?

If you use Escitalopram you should be ready to take it every day at the same time if you want to achieve the best effect.

If you have missed the dose, take it as soon as you remember. Don’t take the dose if the time for your next planned dose is about to come. No additional dose to compensate the missed one can be taken.

What If I Have Overdosed?
Before you use Escitalopram don’t abuse the medicine. Seek emergency medical attention if you have an overdose.

What Are Escitalopram Possible Adverse Effects?
You should be aware of potential side effects before you use Escitalopram.
A common side effect is an allergic reaction to a main component or any others.
Escitalopram may affect your state of mind. Suicidal thoughts, changes in mood, aggressiveness, and insomnia may occur in connection with the use of the medicine.

Other common side effects may include:
tired feeling;
decreased libido or other sexual problems;
intensive sweating.
Take into account these side effects before you use Escitalopram.
Escitalopram is your best solution for your depression or anxiety problem.

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