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Finasteride – a relief for patients with BPH Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a serious condition that affects men of different age. The symptoms are very unpleasant and cause a lot of discomfort. Besides difficulties with urination, there may also be more serious cases, when BPH leads to blockage of the urethra, injury to the kidneys and urinary tract infections.

For the treating of BPH medics often recommend Finasteride. This medication doesn’t let testosterone to convert into dihydrotestosterone, which is involved in the development of BPH.

You can use Finasteride from our pharmacy. We also recommend to learn the instructions that follow below.

Finasteride: contraindications and precautions
The list of contraindications includes:

  • female sex
  • allergy to finasteride
  • allergy to dutasteride
  • pregnancy

Attention! Women and children should not even touch Finasteride tabs, as it can be absorbed by the skin. The drug can cause severe fetal abnormalities, if taken by a pregnant woman.

There is also quite a lot of conditions when using Finasteride may be not allowed or a dosage adjustment may be required. These Includes:

  • inability to urinate;
  • prostate cancer;
  • liver disease;
  • stricture of your urethra;
  • abnormal liver enzyme tests;
  • bladder disorders.

If you have any of these, consult a medical professional before you use Finasteride.

Attention! The med is suspected in increasing the risks of prostate cancer. Ask your healthcare provider about your personal risks. Appeal to doctor asap if after using Finasteride you notice any east changes, including nipple discharge, breast lumps or pain in breast area.

Finasteride: how to use?
Follow directions given by a medical specialist. General instructions:

  • take tabs with water (and food, if desired)
  • you may start with dose of Finasteride 5mg
  • never exceed dosage
  • try to take tabs at the same time

Finasteride: are there any side effects?
Finasteride can cause side effects. Serious side effects occur rarely and are mainly signs of an allergic reaction – swollen parts of the mouth, hives, troubles with breating. Usage of the drug should be discontinued in such cases.

Less serious side effects are: runny nose; swollen hands/feet; dizziness; abnormal ejaculation; skin rash; headache; weakness; breast changes. Sexual side effects usually go away after the treatment is stopped.

There are also some positive side effects of Finasteride: hair loss usually stops, which is very appreciated by males who suffer from baldness.

If we put Finasteride vs propecia, another med that contains finasteride and used for the treating of hair loss, the former may be a bit less effective in coping with hair loss problem, because its main function is to relieve symptoms of BPH.

Finasteride: any drug interactions?
Finasteride, as any other drugs, may interact with other substances. This may lead to side effects, so before you start using finasteride, check at a medical consultant, whether it would be safe in case you are already taking any other medications.

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