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Isotretinoin: indications

Severe nodular acne not only cause a lot of discomfort and pain, but also make people reserved due to their appearance. Modern medicine has developed effective remedies for such kind of problems. using appropriate medications a patient can get rid of acne and avoid skin scarring.

If severe nodular acne is your problem, you can use Isotretinoin to solve it. This medication has active ingredient isotretinoin – a form of vitamin A. this substance helps the skin to regenerate and renew itself more quickly. The med also makes oil glands (located in the skin) produce less oil.

You can use Isotretinoin even it you have tried other treatment options and those haven’t help you. Isotretinoin is a very effective and reliable medication.

You can get Isotretinoin with no rx on this website. The drug meets all the international quality standards and is sold at affordable prices.

Please, read the information below before creating an order.

Isotretinoin: contraindications and precautions
Before you decide to use Isotretinoin, know that there are certain contraindications to using this medicament. They cannot be ignored, as it may be dangerous for your health or even life. Never use Isotretinoin if you are allergic to it or to the substances called parabens.

Patients with the following conditions may use Isotretinoin only after consulting a competent medical professional:
•bone disorders,
•high cholesterol,
•ulcerative colitis,
•mental illness,
•heart disease,
•anorexia nervosa,
•high triglycerides,
•inflammatory bowel disease,
•liver disease,
•Crohn’s disease.

Isotretinoin and pregnancy
The medication is strictly contraindicated in pregnant women. It causes severe or even life-threatening birth defects in fetus. Even a single dose of the drug may result in severe defects in baby’s skull, ears, heart, eyes, face or brain. Never take Isotretinoin during pregnancy.

In order not to become pregnant during the treatment, use effective methods of birth control. These may include:
•having your tubes tied,
•hormonal birth control patches,
•vaginal ring,
•birth control pills with estrogen as an active ingredient,
•intrauterine device,
•hormonal injections or implants,
•latex condoms/ cervical caps/ diaphragms or vaginal sponges in combination with spermicidal foam.

In case you have unprotected sex during the treatment with Isotretinoin, call your doctor immediately. Do the same in case your periods are late.

Isotretinoin: how to use?
Regular drug stores can sell to a patient a 30-day supply of the med (maximum) and only with prescription. At our pharmacy you can order this drug in the amount you need without any limitation. After you get your drug, read the instructions to make sure you will use it correctly.
•Follow the dosage.
•Take capsules with water.
•Swallow whole.
•Take as long as needed.
•Get your blood and liver function tested regularly.

Attention! At first acne may become worse, but as the treatment is continued, situation improves.
Avoid overdosing – it is dangerous for your health! If you have overdose symptoms – swelling of the lips, vomiting, loss of balance, stomach pain, headache, coordination problems, dizziness, skin reactions – seek for medical help immediately!

Isotretinoin: side effects

Branded and generic Isotretinoin both may cause the same side effects. In case a patient experiences severe reactions, medical help (sometimes even emergency) may be needed. Call medics in case you experience during the treatment with Isotretinoin anything of the following:
•crying spells,
•depressed mood,
•sudden numbness,
•changes in behavior,
•sleep problems,
•severe headache,
•trouble concentrating,
•pain behind the eyes,
•hearing problems,
•blurred vision,
•thoughts of suicide,
•hearing loss,
•severe pain in the upper stomach,
•rectal bleeding or severe diarrhea, changes in stool color,
•flu symptoms,
•joint stiffness,
•red or purple skin rash,
•easy bruising,
•bone pain.

Less serious side effects include: nervousness, itching, drowsiness, changes in the fingernails, dryness of the lips, joint pain, peeling skin, dry nose, back pain, cracking of the skin, feeling dizzy.

Isotretinoin: drug interactions
Before you use Isotretinoin, check at your doctor’s whether you can safely use the med, in case you are currently using any of the following medicaments:

Do not use vitamin complexes and health products that contain vitamin A. Tell your physician of all supplements you are taking. Perhaps, taking some of them during the treatment with Isotretinoin should be stopped.

If all issues are clear, you may proceed to creating an order for Isotretinoin. Enjoy our prices and fast delivery!

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