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Permethrin: Common Use
Patients use Permethrin as an insecticidal medicine. The effect of the drug is based on the violation of ion permeability of sodium channels and inhibition processes of polarization (repolarization) membranes of nerve cells of lice and fleas, ticks, and other ectoparasites, which causes a paralyzing effect. Permethrin is a drug of contact action, which belongs to a group of synthetic pyrethroids. It is a low-toxic for warm-blooded organisms. Permethrin belongs to medicines which cope with pediculosis.

Cetylpyridinium-bromide, which is included in this medicinal product, is characterized by high surface antiseptic (disinfectants) effects; it also possesses the ability to enhance insecticidal effects of permethrin.

Permethrin allows effective therapy of patients with head lice and prevent recurrence of these diseases.

You ought to use Permethrin cream in such conditions as:
– head lice infestation, (with the purpose of killing head lice; adults and children over 1 year);
– scabies (to destroy the scabby tick; in adults and children two months of age);
– pubic lice (to destroy pubic lice);
– pediculosis (for the destruction of body lice).

Permethrin is also used at home, in hospitals, centers of scabies and lice.

Permethrin: Dosage

Before you use Permethrin, read about all the instructions about dosage.

The preparation is taken externally. Apply Permethrin on the hair; rub the drug in the hair roots. After spraying leave it on the locks for 10 – 40 minutes, then wash thoroughly with warm running water and soap or shampoo and dry in a usual way. After washing brush the hair with a comb to remove dead parasites. In case of find living lice, treatment is repeated before the next washing your hair or after 7 days.

The consumption of the drug depends on the length of hair – from 10 to 60 ml.

Scabies: use the solution in the form of 0.4% freshly prepared water emulsion, every day for 3 days once a day (at night) thoroughly scrub the drug in the skin of the hands, torso, and then the feet. The face, neck and scalp are not treated. On the fourth day, the patient will need to take a shower and change linen and underwear.

The destruction of body lice: 96 ml of water to throw the contents of bottle (24 ml); bed-clothes and underwear are soaked in this emulsion 40 minutes.

Permethrin: Precautions
If you want to achieve a positive effect, use Permethrin only after you learn all the precautions the preparation has.

It is necessary to avoid getting the preparation onto the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, mouth, genitals (if that happened, mucous membranes are abundantly washed with running water). Medical personnel advised to wear rubber gloves while using the preparation. After the procedure is over, wash hands thoroughly with soap. Use the preparation in a well-ventilated area.

When irritation continues for more than 4 weeks after the treatment of scabies, the consultation of the doctor is obligatory. Hypersensitivity reactions require stopping the treatment.

Permethrin: Contraindications
The contraindications patients should be aware of before they use Permethrin cream 5 are the following:
– Hypersensitivity (including other synthetic pyrethroids and chrysanthemums and other plants that contain pyrethrins,),
– for patients who are younger than 6 months (cream), or 1 year (for emulsion),
– lactation (when treatment of scabies).
– acute inflammatory diseases of the skin, including scalp;
– during breast-feeding (for the period of treatment ceased).

Permethrin: Restrictions
The restrictions for Permethrin are skin diseases, age up to 5 years, pregnancy.

The use of Permethrin during pregnancy is possible if the expected effects of the treatment of the mother is higher than potential risk to the fetus (strictly controlled and adequate studies of the safety of the use of Permethrin in pregnant women has not been conducted). In the period of breast-feeding it is recommended to refrain from Permethrin.

Permethrin: Side effects
If you are about using Permethrin cream, at first learn its side effects not to get into trouble. Permethrin side effects include local reactions, numbness or tingling, burning, numbness of the skin, erythema, increased itching, allergic reaction (swelling, skin rashes).

Permethrin: Overdose
When patients don’t follow all dosage recommendations, it may develop acute poisoning. Symptoms of poisoning: an unpleasant taste in the mouth, weakness, headache, nausea, irritation of respiratory organs, etc.

Treatment: in case of accidental contact of Permethrin in stomach should lavage or vomit, then drink a glass of water mixed with 10-12 crushed tablets of activated charcoal.

Permethrin: Note
Nowadays patients can find lots of online pharmacies to get Permethrin. Patients can seek for other useful recommendations to avoid unwanted health problems. You can make the best of the medicine only if you use Permethrin cream after being consulted by the specialist.

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